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Hull and Deck

Hull and Deck Sets

Model: DM72
72nd Scale Etched brass Draught marks in 3 different styles...
Ex Tax:£14.00
Model: DM96
96th Scale Draught marks, 3 different styles..
Ex Tax:£12.00
Model: PH72
Generic Port holes and escape hatches 72 port holes and eyebrows, and 6 escape hatches. 72nd scale..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Model: HDtype12
96th Scale  large sheet of etched brass parts to fit the type 12 , deck fittings small superstructure parts etc...
Ex Tax:£30.00
Model: RF96
1/96th Scale Roller Fairleads (2 off)..
Ex Tax:£2.50
Model: RF72
1/72nd Scale Roller Fairleads (2 off)..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Model: Type 12 Frigate drawing
Detailed drawing Type 12 Frigate in 96th scale Rothesay Class, This drawing includes both the later Helideck version as well as the earlier Twin Limbo version...
Ex Tax:£19.35
Model: Generic Non Slip Treadplate
Generic Non Slip Treadplate  in diamond pattern. Found on many different types from early WW II to modern period. You can cut your own size and shapes from a fret 330mm x 124mm. The diamond pattern on this set is made up of 4.75mm long strips set in a 7mm square. The strips would be 18" x 1½" at ful..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Model: Type 12 Frigate Hull
96th Scale Type 12 Frigate Hull in Fibreglass. This is a large Item (approx 3 ft long and is only available to shipping out of the UK with an increased postage rate.) If you are outside the UK please contact us for more information and a quotation for shipment..
Ex Tax:£75.00
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