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30 Jan Arleigh Burke Class Stern Name letters
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Stern and Fo’c’sle name letters in etch for the Arleigh Burke Destroyer Class in 72nd scale (Michael Murphy and Jason Dunham Illustrated) There are over 100 names in this class and therefore not all the names are available yet. To date the names listed below are on the first etching. If your requirement is not on this list please contact us and w..
18 Jan Welcome to our new website.
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Our new website is now online. It is a bit different than the previous site so please take a little time to find your way around the shop. In order to update the site the pages were not available for the last couple of hours so that we didn't miss any orders. If you have tried in the last hour or two and found the site down please note the reason. ..
18 Nov Arleigh Burke Helideck Tie-downs, Hooks and Straps 72nd scale
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The latest Photo Etch to be released for the Arleigh Burke Class of Destroyers  is the Helideck set of Tie Downs, Lights, Hooks and Straps. This new fret is a must for the modeller with an eye for detail. This fret will enhance the appearance of the Flight Deck with its Helicopter strapped down and comes with an A3 drawing of the Flight deck sh..
23 Jun Acrylic Windows
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Recently added to the store, these 1 mm thick acrylic discs are available in 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm diameter. They are designed to fit the portholes in our hulls where the normal size for 96th scale is a 3 mm hole and 4 mm for 72nd scale. Some larger vessels may require larger and therefore I have added 5 mm to the range. The 3 mm and 4 mm sets of..
11 May Titanic Portholes and Doors for the 1/200th Titanic
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Robin Carpenter commissioned Scalewarship to make a small set of portholes and doors for his 1/200th scale Titanic. The Etched portholes and acrylic windows are now available as a set only. Click here to buy..
04 May Aegis Spy 1 Radar
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This set of Aegis Spy 1 Radar plates will enhance any superstructure. Produced for the Arleigh Burke Class  at 72nd scale, these plates are also suitable for any other class of ship which carries them.  Click Here to view the product..
18 Apr 6v Distribution Board
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Following the successful introduction of the 12v Distribution Board we are pleased to announce the latest in the series which is the 6v Distribution Board. Designed by the late Alan Bond the board is laid out similarly to the 12v version so that anyone who knows the 12v version will immediately be comfortable with the layout. As with the origin..
13 Apr 72nd Scale Royal Navy Railings and Stanchions
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 We have scaled up our popular 96th  scale RN Railings set to 72nd scale. The set includes 5 drilling  templates with different spacings and corners.     Click here to view the item...
22 Feb Wessex 32nd Exhaust detail upgrade set
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Our new Exhaust detail was released at the Yeovilton Spring Show on Saturday 20th February 2016 and is now available from our website. The set includes a Photo Etch set with replacement fuselage panels, Exhaust seat backing plate and spacer with additional surface detail. The Exhausts are 3D printed in HDS. Also included is brass wire for extra..
09 Aug 12v Distribution Board
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Designed specifically for Scale Warship, this board is a neat and convenient way to connect up and distribute battery power in model boats, especially where a number of additional electronics accessories are fitted. Its use is however limited to 12v battery systems – a consequence of the automotive relay used to isolate the battery/batteries. ..
11 Jul Steregushchiyy Nameplates
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Produced in 0.5mm brass the Steregushchiyy Class nameplates give the model that nice finish. There are 6 nameplates in 72nd scale available (Sold in a set of 2). Steregushchyy (Pennant 530), Soobrazitelnyy (Pennant 531), Boikiy (Pennant 532), Sovershennyy (Pennant 333), Stoikiy (Pennant 545) and Gromkiy (Pennant 335)..
11 Jan Combo Engine Sound Unit Mk3
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The next product to be added to our Electronic range is the Combo Sound Unit Mk 3.  Principally intended for radio controlled model boats,  this engine sound simulator has also found application in trucks, tanks, cars, rock-crawlers and even aircraft.  As you can see in the photograph, the MK3 is functionally identical to the MK2 but packaged ..
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