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Scale Warship is dedicated to supplying parts for all Classes of Warships and currently is offering Fittings and Components for the Fletcher Class, Leander, County Class, Type 12, Type 23, Type 41, Type 45, Type 61, Type 81, Tiger/Blake and the Ton Class. We will endeavour to add other classes of ships as time allows. If what you require isn't currently available, it may be under development. Please call and enquire. We cannot guarantee that everything you want will be made available but please ask anyway.

Model: CR72
72nd Set of cable reels, 5 different styles of cable reels 26 in one set...
Ex Tax:£15.00
Model: FBE96
Frigate bridge fits type  41 & 61 early early version of the frigate bridge...
Ex Tax:£20.00
Model: FB72L
72nd Scale Later style frigate bridge fitted to Types 12, 41, 61 in etched brass with instructions.  ..
Ex Tax:£28.00
Model: FB96L
96th Scale This Etched brass Bridge will fit Type12,41 or 61 frigates, light weight and easy to assemble...
Ex Tax:£20.00
Model: Bollards 72nd
Bollards 72nd scale pack of 10 Resin Cast bollards with Photo Etch tops ...
Ex Tax:£4.00
Model: Bollards 96th
Bollards 96th scale pack of 10. Resin Cast bollards with Photo Etch tops ..
Ex Tax:£2.75
Model: Bonnets 72nd
Bonnets 72nd scale pack of 2 Resin Cast Bonnets..
Ex Tax:£1.00
Model: Bonnets 96th
Bonnets 96th scale pack of 2. Resin Cast Bonnets..
Ex Tax:£0.60
Model: Breakwaters 72nd
Breakwaters 72nd scale per set of Cast Resin Breakwaters Front and Rear with Photo Etch Supports..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Breakwaters 96th Breakwaters 96th
In Stock
Model: Breakwaters 96th
Breakwaters 96th scale per set of  Resin Cast Breakwaters Front and Rear with Etch Supports..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Model: Bulkheads Types 41and 61 - 96th
Bulkhead Set in 96th scale suitable for Types 41 (Cat Class) and 61 (Cathedral). The set consists of 3 bulkheads, Forward, Midships and Quarterdeck...
Ex Tax:£8.00
Model: Bullring 72nd
Bullring 72nd scale  Resin Cast Bullring  Pack of 2..
Ex Tax:£1.50
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