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1/32nd Scale

1/32nd Scale Aircraft Detail Sets

Model: HelideckGrill32
Helideck Grill and Tiedowns 32nd scale Photo etch featuring both open and closed tie-downs...
Ex Tax:£12.00
Model: Lynx Blade Fold 32
Detail Set for the Revell Sea Lynx Mk88a 32nd Scale  kit. Detailed Set Includes Brass Fuselage Support rod, 3D printed brackets and cast Resin Blade Holders. The Rotor and Blade Head parts are also 3D printed in HDS. The Rotor Head replacements are an easy fit to the existing kit parts...
Ex Tax:£14.95
Model: Wessex Blade Fold 32
Detail Set for the FLY kit 32nd Scale  kits of the Wessex HAS 3 and HU5. Details Set Includes Etch set containing the Fuselage Support frame and the Blade Holders. The Rotor Head and Blade Heads parts are 3d printed in HDS and the replacement Rotor Head piece is cast resin....
Ex Tax:£22.50
Model: Wessex Exhaust 32
Detail Set for the FLY kit 32nd Scale  kits of the Wessex HC2 and HU5. This set is for the Exhaust upgrade and includes Etch set containing a new fuselage panel with additional detail.. The exhausts are 3D printed in HDS...
Ex Tax:£13.50
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