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1/96th scale

Model: RLB96
Limbo well bulkhead, Resin bulkhead with loading hatches etc moulded on, for early twin limbo two required..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Model: RFB96
96th scale Resin forward bulkhead with moulded on detail for type 12...
Ex Tax:£8.50
Model: 3"RT96
Tiger,Blake,Lion 3 inch turret includes detailed turret with barrel sleeve but no barrels...
Ex Tax:£5.00
Model: 6"RT96
Tiger,Blake,Lion 6inch turret, detailed solid resin turret no barrels available yet...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Model: RFT/B96
Two hollow funnels for Tiger,Blake,Lion...
Ex Tax:£25.00
Model: RM96
Type 12 Resin foremast 96th scale..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Model: Bollards 96th
Bollards 96th scale pack of 10. Resin Cast bollards with Photo Etch tops ..
Ex Tax:£2.75
Model: Bonnets 96th
Bonnets 96th scale pack of 2. Resin Cast Bonnets..
Ex Tax:£0.60
Breakwaters 96th Breakwaters 96th
In Stock
Model: Breakwaters 96th
Breakwaters 96th scale per set of  Resin Cast Breakwaters Front and Rear with Etch Supports..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Model: Bulkheads Types 41and 61 - 96th
Bulkhead Set in 96th scale suitable for Types 41 (Cat Class) and 61 (Cathedral). The set consists of 3 bulkheads, Forward, Midships and Quarterdeck...
Ex Tax:£8.00
Model: Capstans 96th
Capstans 96th scale pack of  two Resin Capstans and Brakes with Etch Hand Wheels suitable for Types 41 and 61. The pack includes separate Top and Bottom pieces for the Capstan and a separate Brake wheel casting. The Etch fret has 2 Brake Hand Wheels and 2 Capstan Hand Wheels...
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: Frigate Bullring 96th
Frigate Bullring 96th scale pack of 2. These are 3D printed items and are mounted on a flat base 3mm x 6mm...
Ex Tax:£1.00
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