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1/72nd scale

Model: SBD72
72nd scale Screw bottle Davits as fitted to post war frigates destroyers and some cruisers, in etched brass with drawing and instructions...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Model: AKE965 72 x 2
Two AKE965 Radars in etched brass..
Ex Tax:£31.00
Model: CR72
72nd Set of cable reels, 5 different styles of cable reels 26 in one set...
Ex Tax:£15.00
Model: CL72
Corvus Launcher 72nd scale, kit includes stainless steel tube for the launch tubes cut to size, etch detail set including communications board and cast resin base originally 3D mastered...
Ex Tax:£19.50
Model: GDGMD72
Gravity davits  72nd scale to suit county class destroyers of the 70s/80s, This is the basic davit assembly in 10thou brass, further details will need to be added, these will be available soon. Each fret contains 2 davits which is sufficient for one boat...
Ex Tax:£14.95
Model: DSP72 Late
Director service platform Late, for early type 12/ 41/ 61 class frigates also Leander Class..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Model: DSP72early
72nd scale Director service platform early, for early type 12/ 41/ 61 class frigates..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Model: DM72
72nd Scale Etched brass Draught marks in 3 different styles...
Ex Tax:£14.00
Model: FH 4DF/HF 72
FH 4DF/HF aerial, folds up from one piece,with instructions..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Model: FL72
72nd Scale Two flag lockers, Royal Navy Type, easily assembled by interlocking plates and surround, can be adjusted to suit...
Ex Tax:£9.00
Model: FDSN72
Flight deck safety netting 72nd scale..
Ex Tax:£12.00
Model: FB72L
72nd Scale Later style frigate bridge fitted to Types 12, 41, 61 in etched brass with instructions.  ..
Ex Tax:£28.00
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