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29 Apr New Royal Navy Sets from Lifecolor
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Just released by Lifecolor these 2 new sets are a must for any World War II navy enthusiasts. Set 1 offers colours used in the Eastern Approaches during the early part of the war while Set 2 concentrates on the Western Approaches during the Late War. View the products by clicking the Set Number.   Set 1  Set 2..
29 Apr New range of water based Metal paints from Darkstar Molten Metals
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Scalewarship is pleased to announce that we are now stockists of this exciting new range of water based metal paints from Darkstar Miniatures. Suitable for airbrushing application, we think that the current range of 21 different metals will be very useful for the model warship painting needs. The colours available include steel, brass,  bronze,..
19 Feb Servo Controller
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Scale Warship is pleased to announce the release of a Servo Controller designed and made by Forge Electronics. The unit is designed to fit between the receiver and the servo and allows the transit to be set to any degree of rotation (depending on the servo). Normal servos, typically 90 degrees (+/-45 deg) can be reset to 180 deg, and are suita..
18 Feb Type 45 Hull at 96th Scale
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 NEW The latest addition to our range of Hulls has been produced. The first 2 will be available at the Yeovilton Spring Show at the Fleet Air Arm museum on Saturday 21st February. During the remainder of the year we will develop the fittings etc alongside the 72nd scale parts that have already been produced. We will be making used of 3D mastere..
27 Nov Cutty Sark Ratlines and Details set
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The Academy kit of the Cutty Sark at 150th scale was the focus of our second sailing ship release of upgrade etch sets.  Comprising  3 sheets which are available separately they are the ratlines set, a bulwarks and stanchions set, and the hull and deck set. The only surviving Tea Clipper from the hey day of round the world cargo ships the Cutty..
27 Nov VASA Ratlines, Deck Grills and Stern Gallery Windows
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Upgrade Photo Etch sets were released at the IPMS Nationals 2014 at the Telford International Centre recently. The popular Revell kit of the Swedish Royal ship was the target for the next of our square rigger improvements sets. The Revell kit generally is an excellent kit and apart from the Ratlines, which we are producing as a standard upgrade..
05 Nov Insta-Cure Superglue from Bob Smith Industries
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Our new range of cyanoacrylate Insta-Cure superglue from Bob Smith Industries is now available on our website shop. We consider this range to be the best on the market for modellers at this time. Thin or Gap filling cyano is available in 1 oz or 2 oz bottles. A thick extra strength cyano is also available. In case of a mishap the Debonder will ..
08 Aug Seaslug for the GMD
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The Seaslug Launcher for the County Class destroyers has been modelled in both 96th and 72nd scales. The main Launcher body is 3D printed and is supported on a resin base and cradle detailed with photo etch. After receiving a number of requests for the Seaslug we released the kits in May 2014.Due to the increased cost of printing this item it is..
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