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11 Jan Programmable Engine Sound Unit Mk2
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A digital synthesized sound unit with 20 petrol/diesel ‘voices’. This is the latest Sound unit to be introduced to our range of Electronic devices for Modellers.  Included are 10 factory presets plus 10 that the user can interactively adjust to better suit the type of model in which it is fitted. Speed demand input may be by the usual RC interf..
11 Jan Pacific 24 RIB 96th scale
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Now Available in both a single and double version This superb new kit in 96th scale details the Pacific 24 RIB as currently used by the Royal Navy. The kit consists of a cast resin Hull with other resin components, white metal parts and a comprehensive Photo etch detail set. A laser cut acrylic build stand is also included and together with ful..
03 Apr Arleigh Burke Stanchions 72nd scale
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With over 1000 stanchions on each of the Arleigh Burke class ships, these stanchions are a must for the serious modeller. Designed to take 0.45mm brass rod you will need 2 frets to complete the whole ship. Each fret holds over 500 stanchions and is made up of 5 hole, 3 hole, 2 hole, angled and davit stanchions.  Click here to view the item..
23 Mar Arleigh Burke Grills
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At last the Arleigh Burke Grills set is now available. This superb set of 55 Photo Etch grills and resin backing plates adds extra realism to a very significant feature of these popular Arleigh Burke Flight IIa USN ships. The package also includes diagrams of the placement of the grills and their easy to follow assembly instructions. With 4 x A..
08 Mar Leander Class Nameplates 96th scale
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All the Leander Class Nameplates are now available in 96th Scale. Argonaut and Achilles are shown here but please visit our shop to see the full range available. Leander Class Name Plates..
28 Sep HMS Hood 200th scale new mini etch sets
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We have just received 2 new mini sets for the 200th Scale HMS Hood from Trumpeter. The first is a new set of splinter shields some of which were omitted from the kit and the remainder new revisions in etch. Bridge window corrections also included in this set.   Click here to view item The second set is a new version of the degaussing cable as s..
08 Jul LifeColor Liquid Pigment Hulls & Wooden Decks set
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An accurate set for ship modellers with colour shades suitable to simulate the green fouling of the keels and the dried salt streakings on the vertical structures. The set also contains a dark grey tone to highlight the little details of the upper structures such as ladders, portholes edges and more. Two specific colour tones to emphasize the ..
13 Jun 16 Channel Sound Effects Module
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Our latest offering direct from Forge Electronics is a very exciting 16 channel sound module. This unit was designed to replay up to sixteen different recorded sound effects on radio controlled model boats, but will doubtless find application in other radio control projects. So far it has been used to great effect in several battleships to crea..
04 May Arleigh Burke Flight Deck Tracks 72nd scale
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To complement the Helideck tie downs  detail set, we are pleased to announce the Flight Deck Tracks set. This includes the tracks which lay inside the hangar space as well as the drainage channel covers at the entrance to the Hangar. Included is an A3 drawing of the Flight Deck showing the position of the tracks. Click Here to view the product ..
30 Jan 8 Channel RC Switch
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Scale Warship is pleased to offer the next development in collaboration with Forge Electronics.  Click here to buyUp to 8 channels of lighting (or other low current accessories) can be individually controlled from a single proportional RC channel. Channel selection is simple – pump the joystick 3 times in one direction and hold to turn on output ..
10 Nov Wessex Rotor Fold for the FLY Kit HAS 3 & HU5 32nd Scale
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Following a successful release at the IPMS Nationals at Telford on the 7th and 8th November we are pleased to offer the Wessex 32nd Rotor fold. The set contains an etch set with  the Fuselage support frames, blade holders, brackets and straps. The Rotor Head and Blade knuckles are 3D printed while the replacement Rotor head piece is cast resin..
10 Nov Rudder Mixer
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Our second electronic device is the Rudder Mixer from Forge Electronics. This clever device allows twin screws to operate differently as rudder is applied.             Simply plug in to the Rudder Servo(s) and the Speed Controllers and set the travels as desired. Please read through the product description for more detail.   View Product..
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