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About Us

The Company

Scale Warship Ltd was formed to produce and bring to the market finely detailed parts for Scale Warships predominantly in 72nd and 96th scales. The photo etch parts will be produced from various thicknesses of brass or other metals that may be preferred, such as nickel or stainless steel. Molded parts will generally be formed by casting resin with some additional parts cast in white metal. Larger parts such as the hulls or superstructure may be laid in Polyester or Epoxy Resin.

The present aim of the company is to fill the gap in the market that exists with particular reference to the lack of detail parts and with this in mind is making increased use of 3D printing technology where possible, and in addition is keen to produce full kits for the discerning modeller. Naturally these full kits will take longer to develop and produce.

In association with Forge Electronics, Scale Warship is pleased to offer a range of Electronic accessories to enhance your modelling experience.

The company will always be pleased to discuss any specific requirements you may have with regard to your own modelling scales and preferences.

John Wills  

John has  been a lifelong modeller and in the 80s and 90s ran a model aeroplane business. John then concentrated on his career in the Document Management world but was always tinkering with photo etch production using CAD and indeed produced many of the frets which were formerly owned by Cammett Ltd and which are now owned and produced by Scale Warship. John is now concentrating on developing the business while still producing some of the photo etch designs. In addition John has mastered the 3D programming and is now producing many items using 3D printing directly as well as making masters for resin casting. In order to increase the scope of the business John is now manufacturing under licence some Electronic Accessories which are designed to give the modeller more enjoyment in the sailing of his boats. With access to Routers and Laser Cutting machines the possibilities are endless.

Robin Carpenter

Robin has enjoyed a naval career before turning to painting full size aircraft, amongst other things. A lifelong modeller, he is well known to most people in the modelling fraternity for his extensive knowledge on the art of airbrushing and spray painting. He is often to be found teaching the subject to beginners and experienced modellers alike. In the 8 years previous to Scale Warship, Robin ran Cammett Ltd where he earned a good reputation with the modelling fraternity dealing in modelling goods, and compressors, spray guns and airbrushes. In 2011 he decided to concentrate on the model ship trade and teamed up with his brother, Alan, and his friend, John, to form Scale Warship Ltd. In 2017 Robin decided to concentrate his time on Airbrush training and writing books.

Alan Carpenter

Alan has also been a lifelong modeller and met John through his passion for flying Model Aircraft and they have been firm friends ever since. Alan is a superb model builder and is passionate about accuracy. As many of you will know, details of ships long since sent to the scrapyard are very difficult to obtain let alone finding the particular view that tells us how many rivets there might be on the piece in question! Nevertheless, Alan is a terrific problem solver and has produced many masters for both large hulls down to the tiniest eyebolt from the grainiest of old sepia photographs. Alan is a highly qualified Construction Supervisor and knows Health and Safety inside out and backwards. His attention to detail stems from this background!

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