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In addition to the ever increasing range of products you can find in our store, Scalewarship is also able to provide a wide range of other services for the modelling community. We obviously have our own agenda for production line items that we will bring to our shop but we are always prepared to consider other work which may not be related. Please browse through the varied sections given below and if you consider we can be of service then please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial review of your requirements. We may not always be able to supply what you require but asking costs nothing!

Commission Builds

Scale Warship Expertise and modelling skills are available on a commission basis to supply completed models to your own requirements, whether this be from existing kits which are commercially available or from entirely original designed parts. Examples of previously commissioned items are shown here and include the Hunter display aeroplane "Miss Demeanour". This was a very exciting project undertaken by Robin who incidentally also directed the team who painted the full size aeroplane! Most types of models will be considered, so if you wanted a high quality scale model of your favourite ship, truck or aeroplane or indeed any model of anything, why not contact us for a quotation.

Photo Etch Drawing

If you need any Photo Etch for Ships and most other types of models then please consider us . If the item you need is likely to be of interest to our range of products, it may well only cost you the eventual retail price. If the item is not for modelling or just a one off we will be happy to quote for the drawing time in addition to the production costs and you will retain all master files and full ownership. Although we have access to many drawings and books it is not possible to have everything, so if you have any drawings, 3 views or photos of the item you want made, this will be a great advantage. The minimum requirement we need from you is a rough sketch with dimensions and angles. We will assist with any scaling that may be required since the dimensions you provide may be full size or a scale different from that required.

3D Prototyping

3D Prototyping is the way forward for producing models fittings that are difficult or hard to produce in any other medium. It can also be useful for making accurate (print layers are accreted in just a few microns) originals , from which many castings can be made via the silicone mould/resin copy system. If you need any specific modelling parts or fittings which are not currently available please give us a call and we will help if we can. If we are able to market the item from our own shop then the cost of 3D drawing and mastering could be defrayed thus bringing a previously unaffordable item into your cost range. Alternatively if you prefer to keep all ownership, we can prototype an original item and handover all drawings and mastered prints for the full costs of drawing time and 3D printing.

Laser Cutting

Scale Warship is pleased to Offer a Laser cutting service for many different materiels including ply, balsa and acrylics. Our Laser is A4 size and the service we provide can include the preparatory drawings and cad files for the cutter. Please contact us for more information on this service or to ask for a quotation.

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