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Arleigh Burke Stanchions 96

Arleigh Burke Stanchions 96
Arleigh Burke Stanchions 96

Arleigh Burke Flight Stanchions in 96th scale. The Railings and Stanchions are an impressive part of this class of ships with well over 1000 stanchions required for a full build. To complete the ship 2 of these frets will be required. Each fret holds 150 x 5 hole stanchions, 150 x 3 hole stanchions, 75 x 2 hole angled mast stanchions, 150 x 2 hole stanchions and 15 davit stanchions.  The railing is not supplied but the holes are designed for 0.45mm brass rod. Metre length rod can be obtained from Albion Alloy stockists.

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  • Model: Arleigh Burke Stanchions 96
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